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A magenta day. From the lovely flowers that caught my eye during our morning walk, to the cherries I had for lunch, and the filtered light that came through my fuchsia curtains, bouncing off the beautiful Black Angel, the colour of the day was definitely magenta.

The sun shone with typical Australian brilliance, and although a tad windy, it was warm for a winter’s day.

My senses were a little out of whack. I woke up feeling somewhat ‘off’ – mild nausea and fever, thick fuzzy sluggy brain – but the day unfolded gently. Getting work done always makes me happy. I feel invigorated, even when the body is tired out from the effort.

Strangely, the Foodie Bunny didn’t feel like the usual luncheon fare. Perhaps it was the somewhat odd breakfast that threw the senses into a magenta spin (scrambled egg with the leftover salmon and red capsicum sauce from yesterday’s pasta, served on a bed of fresh lettuce, with fresh cherries)?

By 1.30pm, my tummy was calling out for food. I stared into the fridge looking for inspiration, but all I could conjure up to satisfy the surreally persnickety taste buds was cherries! Anyway, it being such a lovely warm day, the chilled, pitted cherries went perfectly with coconut cream. I threw in the last choco-ice stick for good measure.

As soon as I settled into the couch by the balcony to work on some sketches and notes for my next exhibition, Miss Lucy jumped up and snuggled up behind me, curling her head under my left arm. Bliss!

It’s past bedtime now. My baby girl is once again making huffy-puffy disapproving sounds, sprawled across my side of the bed, and giving me the stink-eye. My brain is still churning and creating visual images for the sketchbook, but I should wind down and crawl into bed with the Princess soon.

I can hear the wind outside howling now. Time to say Good Night.


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