City2Surf Inspiration + Black Dog Institute Awareness

I am not a Fitness Bunny, though I have spent my life wishing to be physically well enough to just run and play catch. The last time I was 10 minutes in the gym cycle, I was rewarded for my efforts with one whole month of excruciating autoimmune arthritic flare up. Doctor’s orders – please stay away from gyms! (Walking and swimming will have to suffice for me.) But Jess here is doing a great job motivating others to get fit, and here, in this post, she is doing her bit to help promote the cause of mental health awareness and support – check this post out!

lazy girl fitness


Today’s post is a serious one – and an inspirational one I hope. If you read nothing else today, I am asking that you take the time to read this, because it’s about mental health, and three friends of mine who are doing their best to make a difference.

Still got you? Excellent. Let me introduce you to three very special ladies then. Kezzy, Loz and Kell Priest are part of my extended Grafton running family and although I may not see them very often, they manage to inspire me from afar every day with their passion, dedication, kindness and generosity.

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