si bon

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Here was my week in visual snapshots. The images speak better than words, in some respects, but here are my words anyway.

This post by Alex on Married, With Asperger’s made me smile. I am happy when good things happen to good people. I had a great week too. At last. A truly, fully, fruitful and rich week. No, not pain free, though I long for a life without this high level of pain, I have learned to focus on other things that bring joy and pleasure, and find grace within these. When I say it was a good week, I mean that I have achieved the measure of calm, tranquility, productivity, creativity, intellectual stirring, and even social satisfaction that adds to my Beingness.

Met with my two wonderful supervisors early in the week. We discussed my progress, or lack thereof, and my upcoming exhibition. Then, in the midst of the rambling back and forth, somehow, we wandered into a great headspace. There was good resonance, and I carried the basso continuo into the rest of the week. I finished the draft of my exhibition write up and the ideas / mood board by the end of the week!

Food along the way was an undulating process of invention – sometimes inspired, other times just simply required. Somewhere along the path, I did rather wish I had a housekeeper and cook, just so I can concentrate fully on my work, which is far more riveting when it is progressing well!

Saturday was social-day for us. My friend Rick came for our usual bruncheon, and I made pizza. Homemade pizza dough, vegetarian topping of red capsicum, avocado, mozarella cheese (supplied by Rick), and olives. Oh, mustn’t forget the yummy crispness of shaved parmesan too! A super babbling-rambling bruncheon (me, that is) and then after Rick beat a relieved retreat (back into his realm of silent clemency), Lucy and I went shopping with her beloved Godma, Rose. We went to look at kitchen appliances and fittings. Lucy behaved beautifully, though she became a tad bored towards the end. It was a very good practice for me and Lucy, I now know her threshold for shopping expeditions a bit better. I should’ve brought her sheepskin rug, though, because she clearly wasn’t happy about lying on the cold, hard floor.

Back at home, us girls had dinner, one quick evening walky and then tumbled into bed. We slept very soundly indeed!

Sun’s back up today. I did some tidying in the balcony. I need to create a better plan for the plants. It is a glorious day. Miss Lucy is on the couch sunbathing. I should join her now, and do some reading.

Being able to work, being able to think, create and imagine, is strengthening, invigorating and ever so satisfying. There is a noisy party going on downstairs at the cafe, the sounds are clattering inside my brain, but somehow, the sensation is not as disturbing as it sometimes can be. Perhaps I am still running on the good vibes from a productive week! C’est si bon!


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