DIY bacon jerky repeat

marmalade bacon

marmalade bacon

There is a delicious (but horribly sinful) snack in Singapore, “bakwa,” which is basically meat jerky (in Singapore, pork is the preferred meat, but in other parts of Asia, they also use beef). The Bee Cheng Hiang company is one of the largest there, with branches in many other countries. My favourite are the bacon strips! Horrors of horrors, oui? Yes, I know, I do horrify myself at times, but ah well. Anyhow, I’ve experimented on DIY versions, nothing has ever come close, of course, but my own experiments have turned out pretty delicious nevertheless. Not for the healthy eaters, mind you. My excuse? I am a poor scholar on a miserable budget. Eating healthy is costly, not to mention most ‘healthy’ foods present sensory challenges that I can only attack on a very good day, and good days have been few and far between lately.

Back to the DIY bacon jerky. Some time ago, I marinaded the bacon strips in honey, and put it in the oven at low heat, around 150C. They came out very well. This time, I used marmalade instead. The result? Well, it was tasty, but I think I much prefer the honey. Actually, this has given me an idea. I shall experiment with other sweet sauces next time… The sweet and salty juxtaposition and interplay is another one of my quirky preferences. I prefer this combination to just sugar overload on its own. The texture of the bacon is interesting, there is a kind of jelly-like crunch to it, and yes, it hurt the ulcers, but not overly much, so the pleasure outweighed the agony at the time. I only attempt this kind of thing when the ulcer attack isn’t too severe, of course. 🙂


2 thoughts on “DIY bacon jerky repeat

  1. OMG I LOVE sweet and salty combined too! My alltime favourite is mashed potato, originally with apricot jam, on toast, but I more often have marmalade in the house which is even more delicious! I often eat honey or maramalade with meat.
    Bacon is SO good with breakfast, so, like you, health goes out the window over weekends occasionally (out here lately the Banting diet, meat and fat, no starch, is THE thing again anyway – I DO NOT do diets, but simply believe anything, as close as possible to the good earth, in moderation, is best). I am SO going to try bakwa! YUM!! I would probably marinade the bacon for 1/2 hour – would that do?

    • I think half an hour would suffice. This time around, I was impatient so I just slathered the marmalade onto the bacon, did the dishes (maybe 15minutes?) and then popped the bacon into the oven! Have fun!

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