potato success

microwaved potato crisps

microwaved potato crisps

Ever the avid Foodie Aspie Bunny on a budget, I’ve been experimenting with microwave potato crisps for a long time now. I’ve never managed to get it quite right – they were either too soft, or overcooked and hard – until this last try. At last, just the right crunch and snap!

The trick, I think, is to microwave on high in 2 or 3 minute stages, checking on the progress each time. The potato slices need to be flipped over too. Preparation is simple, just slice, toss in olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. You can add paprika too, but if you want cheese, remember to add it at the end or the cheese will be overcooked.

I love potato, though I prefer the less powdery types. The texture does make a huge difference to the taste and experience, but it also matters a lot when I have a painful flare of mouth ulcers. The sappiness stabs at the ulcers quite a bit, not for the faint hearted, and the powdery types of potatoes, while good as mash, tend to adhere to the surface of the ulcers, and, well, that’s just agony, innit?

Strangely enough, this method of DIY potato crisps seem to hurt the ulcers less. Maybe the lack of additives, preservatives and whatnot help to mitigate? I am not sure, but I do love my own home made crisps!


4 thoughts on “potato success

  1. Well there you go, now I have the trick at my fingertips; I wanted to make veg chips (not only potatoes) for my husband’s 60th(!!), but fortunately I tried it out before, failing hopelessly! I have to admit I haven’t tried again (I am like that, a bad loser :)), so, happy I am about this post! Thank you!
    I again, love the powdery potatoes, not only for mash, but also because they soak up juices so beautifully; I imagine that the less powdery ones would surely work better for HOMEMADE (yum) crisps though. I still gobbled up my failure all by myself! 🙂
    Oh, and you will never believe, my husband brought home Camembert today – can he read my mind??

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