tomato spree

Still in non-verbal mode here, so here are some visual images. I love tomatoes. The colours help to cheer me up. I got these from Harris Farm, Aussie grown, and I am going to try and grow these in my balcony. Wish me luck. We’ll find out in the summer, I suppose? They taste great stuffed with feta cheese and brie. Oh, and with dried cranberries too!


7 thoughts on “tomato spree

  1. Are these cocktail tomatoes? Cocktails grow so easily, well here they do, and so rewarding and tasty to harvest one’s own. So, GOOD LUCK! May you have a bumper crop! I’m not sure I have ever seen such beautiful yellow ones before.
    I can die for brie and I love feta and dried cranberries too! I will have to make some for us!
    Hope you are feeling a little better today!

    • Hi there! They came mixed in a punnet. Not sure but I think the yellow ones are yellow grape tomatoes and the dark brownish ones kumatoes? I am not a gardening expert, just a rookie, so it will be an exciting experiment for me. As for the cheeses, yes, I love cheese, especially Brie and Camembert, and Blue too, but these are expensive here so I indulge when there is a special offer. The dried cranberries were a gift from my friend Rick, and Lucy likes them too, though she only get very little at a time, in case of runny tummy!

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      • I think I love Camembert even more than Brie, but yes, expensive here too, so bought only as a treat now and then, usually for guests. Your stuffed tomatoes will make a great salad or even snack for guests.
        It has never occurred to me to use the seeds from a punnet of mixed tomatoes – what a great idea!
        I have 2 dogs, but the one, Bracken, follows me around the kitchen, and every time there is a sound or a smell, he cocks his head and wrinkles his brow. SO cute. Just curious mom (or more likely hoping you drop many more morsels, clumsy mom that you are) 🙂

      • Lucy is interested in everything I do, but especially in the kitchen! Yes, I did have some success growing from seeds in my previous house, but I had to leave them all behind when I moved house, except for one. That one died because I didn’t care properly for it, I think. By the way, while tomatoes may be ok for dogs, the plant and leaves are poisonous for dogs, so make sure your pooches are not able to help themselves to the plant.

        Have fun with the cheese stuffed tomatoes!


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