The Update I didn’t want to make. Washington Federal steals from Disabled People.

This is most distressing. Disabled people are treated badly in myriad ways, some subtle, and others not at all subtle. Reading about someone else’s tragedy may make you empathic in a distant way, but Kateryna is a friend of mine, and the frustration and anger I feel is thus all the more palpable. There is something very very terrible with the system by which the world operates. I could go on, but I shouldn’t. This is Kat’s post. Take time to read it. Thank you.

Textual Fury

I am alive. I am also annoyed. I keep trying to update with nice things like the fact my carer is awesome, and the agency sucks. I keep wanting to update on helpful things. Instead I am going to paste my facebook status about Washington Federal bank who stole from me. Flat out. Stole. Shocking? Doubtful. It is a bank. Do I want this passed on? Yep. If you are with them should you run? Far and fast.

This post is public. I want to have you all share this because the bank Washington Federal is underhanded, slimy and needs to lose customers. I didn’t ever open an account. They bought my bank. The building is in accessible. My account was bought out in 2008. The first thing they did was lose it. I had to find proof of my account amid surviving my exhusband’s attempts on my life, my…

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