lost and found

Please vote for Bizcuit!

Please vote for Bizcuit!

PLEASE VOTE FOR BIZCUIT (to vote please click here or photo above or below)

This is Bizcuit. He was wandering the streets in a terrible state. Nameless. Bedraggled, mangy, starved, malnourished, and with a hip problem. A kind policeman brought him to the SPCA, where he was cleaned up minimally and put into the kennels to await his fate. He would have to either find someone to adopt him within the set period of time, or he would be put down. When his chance came, he seized the moment. He clung onto her trouser leg, and just refused to let go. He was ugly. He was sick. He was not a cute puppy,he was a weary, worn, old boy of indeterminate age. And he had serious health issues. Why would anyone want to take him home? But the lady took pity on this little thing who showed such determination and spirit, despite his physical condition. She took him in. And the ugly creature became a beautiful furry ball of joy and love.

His mum is not active on Facebook, but she is an avid advocate for abandoned dogs and adoption. She is a generous supporter of several dog welfare and care organisations, and takes every opportunity to raise awareness and empathy for the voiceless and helpless.

I am doing this to help the cause, because I, too, am passionate about it. Unwanted pets. Overflowing pounds. Killing. Breeding. Puppy mills. Buying pets. Throwing them out. Rescue groups overworked and underfunded. The vicious cycle goes on and on. But we cannot give up and just pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

Bizcuit is trying to make a difference. Just by being Bizcuit. His mum is trying to make a difference, by doing whatever she can. Here he is in this competition. If he manages to beat the overwhelming odds for Top 3 spot, this will be yet another opportunity for advocacy. Bizcuit and his mum do this not for the fame, but for a good cause close to their hearts, and mine too. If you support the cause, and if you have a Facebook account, do please visit this link and vote for Bizcuit! Hit LIKE beneath his photo.

Thank you ever so much!


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