A Father’s Powerful & Extremely Personal Thoughts on Parenting

Dear friends and followers of my blog, this is too important not to reblog here. Please read this with open minds and hearts. No, I don’t want to be ‘cured,’ no, I don’t want my parents to keep me in a golden cage, and yes, it hurts, it devastates and shatters, far more than you may ever know or wish to know, if you tell me, “Do you think I ever wanted a child like you?”

Thank you, Richard, for these powerful, healing words of a parent. Thank you, Emma, and Ariane too, for sharing your lives with so many of us – across neurological make ups – who need and want healing and empowerment to be.

Emma's Hope Book

*This was what my wonderful husband, Richard, wrote as a comment on my post the other day.  I asked him if I could make it a post all on its own.  He gave me permission…

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

There are plenty of difficulties in life. Parenting is hard, but “childering” is harder. Parents usually have some experience in navigating the complex social expectations of the world. Children must gain that experience with each passing day, hopefully with the guidance, support and unconditional love of parents who put their children’s needs ahead of their own.

But there are a lot of parents who aren’t like that. Mine for example. I was taught from birth that my obedience and subservience were more important than my own needs and desires, or personal considerations. When I didn’t do what I was told to do, or didn’t do it fast enough with a “good attitude”…

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