lost and found

I am struggling inside my head, trying to unravel the tangled swirling mass of threads weaving in and out, round and about, producing strange tensions and loud static noise. I heard some good news today, though after first rejoicing at the positive, there settled over me a thin blanket of nauseous melancholy. It was then that I realised the events surrounding the Miss Louise debacle has affected me more piercingly deeply than spread out broadly, for want of better analogy, and with longer lasting effects than I was consciously aware of.

But let me tell you the good news!

Panda is in a good home! No, she is not with Miss L after all. Greyhound Rescue, the people who saved her and paid her vet bills, have found her a good home. That is all that really, truly matters, isn’t it? I am overjoyed to learn of this.

If you want to know what happened on the human to human level, what happened between Miss L and the people at Greyhound Rescue, what happened to the money Miss L raised, supposedly to be given to Greyhound Rescue for Panda’s medical bill etc etc – please feel free to ask Greyhound Rescue. They will apprise you of the facts.

As for me, I have poured out my story here in this blog, I have already mulled and agonised over the traumatic events a great many times, like an Aspie would.

Now, I will just rejoice in what is of utmost significance: Panda’s welfare.

She is fine! I may never see her again, but that is ok, it’s not about me after all. I miss her very much, but that too is of no consequence. Yes, there is a sick, sticky, gooey, heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach because of the disgusting details of human evil and human folly, but that is not worth dwelling over or reporting here today.

All that matters is that she is happy and loved and properly cared for. She deserves that. Thank you, Greyhound Rescue! And good luck, dear lovely beautiful Panda girl!


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