empathic grief


This case was in the news in Singapore recently. Warning: graphic photograph in the link. The dog must have suffered for a very long time. That the owners also had other dogs in the home is an indication of their horrifically twisted mindsets, that they had deliberately singled out this one dog for such a heinous act. The penalty was appallingly insufficient as a deterrent. Us humans care so very little, and our social rules reflect this terrible lack of empathic resonance. And they say us autistics have no empathy? Sigh.

I apologise for lack of coherent language at this moment. I become so enraged when I read about cruelty towards the vulnerable and voiceless, especially pets that us human take into our homes. I am choking with rage and grief.

I do hope that the SPCA’s petition will be taken seriously.

It’s time for me now to go into shutdown mode and just hug my beloved Lucy.


9 thoughts on “empathic grief

  1. Anybody who could stand by while an animal suffers to this extent must be devoid of empathy. I agree that the penalty was ridiculously light for being complicit in starving a thinking, feeling being to death.

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