coffee and tea

Doggy heatpad wrapped in an old beanie warming and easing the pain in my back. Coffee with milo and marshmallows to keep awake on a drowsy, wet, sensorially depressing day. I do like the taste and texture of melty marshmallows! I am pleased, because I managed to get a bit more work done than yesterday. That makes it a better day. Yes! Also, we were twice lucky today, we escaped both episodes of massive downpours. First in the morning, and then later in the afternoon.

Lucy asked to be taken downstairs an hour ahead of our normal schedule for the afternoon walk. I did think it strange, but she was quite vocal about it, and she is seldom very vocal at all. Yes, she is one of the majority of Greyhounds who seldom ever bark. Have you ever heard a Greyhound bark? It is a delightful little squelchy woof, short and sharp – not the deep reverberating sound of a big dog’s bark nor that of a yappity mini-pooch. I was most unkind and I laughed the very first time I heard her bark. Mean mumma, I know, I should not have laughed, but she is so adorable really. Dogs are forgiving in a way that humans are not. I am sure I would be mortified if my mother laughed at me upon first hearing me speak. I cannot remember, of course, whether she did or not. Probably a good thing. Anyway, I am usually quite serious about observing Lucy’s communications and heeding them as far as is reasonable. There have been times when she was right about potentially sensory overloading situations. Coatie on, service dog jacket on, leash and collar, and her snood, then off we went. The air was heavy with damp, and it was cold, winter is really here at last. We spent a bit of time in the grass field nearby, then I wanted to get some money from the ATM on the other side of the campus, but Lucy refused and resolutely led me home. As soon as I had wiped her paws clean and she trotted into bed, the skies opened up. Fortuitous or did Lucy know something that I didn’t? Animals have been known to predict the weather, am I right? I guess I won’t know for sure, I am not all that good as yet in doggy language.

I rewarded myself for a relatively fruitful work day with a slice of pork forequarter. Marinaded in soy sauce and pepper, panfried and then simmered in a very small amount of tea. Yes, tea. I had some tea left over from earlier, so I thought I’d experiment with it. And the result? Not bad at all!

The low level nagging nausea is still there, a stubborn pianissimo basso continuo. It will persist until the air dries up. Right now, humidity levels read at 90%. Literally sickening. Until then, I shall have to keep going, pushing the body into some semblance of obedience, and getting as much work done as possible. Perseverance is another one of our wonderful traits (I am being humorous here, in case you didn’t ‘get it’) – go, go, go, Bunny!


4 thoughts on “coffee and tea

  1. You know how our senses are closer to dogs than to other humans, and how we feel more what is going on around us from other peoples emotions and personalities to shifts in the weather? Id say dogs, with their senses, feel the weather coming on and what type even better. So what might look like a prediction is just their senses at work. I’d say we Aspies (and maybe some nts) can sympathize and understand the better in that way. If any of that makes sense? I don’t know. I haven’t had enough coffee today. 🙂

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