when two worlds collide

Self Portrait 2010

Self Portrait 2010

what i hate about your world

ticklish gossip

prayerful slander

fluid judgment

twisted wombs

uniformed bigots

badges of hate

ironic morality

rabid religiosity

two legs running

homicidal funning

enforced conundrum

dressed up symbols

porcine wealth

sublime stealth

it is not you that i despise

there are times

when sunlight flits through

broken shutters

your beauty reveals

joyful stutters

nay, tis merely your world

that which confines

clips my wings

slits my throat

forbids me sing

my songs

the bells

of Hope

and that dream

someday to find

a world between

yours and mine

harmonious interstice

con brio

andante con moto

gentle coloratura

tender tritones

no longer demons

but angels unknown


when two worlds



settle softly






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