Breakfast Roll

It was an anxiety laden night, wrestling with thought-gremlins about the upcoming slew of medical appointments this month and the mental, physical stress as well as the financial struggle. The sharp stabbing pain in shoulders and elbow joints didn’t help make sleep any better at all. Lucy’s presence is ever more important on days like these. She is the reason I am able to get out of bed at all.

I switched on the telly and was greeted with a Channel 7 breakfast programme featuring an Italian chef and Italian food, but Cuban mambo music playing in the background. Irritating to say the least. Reminds me of the terrible Ibuprofen advertisement playing A Tavern in the Town as accompanying signature music. Yes, it is a song about a lonely prostitute. Duh? Don’t people do their homework before shoving bits of music here and there? Obviously not. Yet, these people have jobs. Sigh.

Breakfast was uninspired but I had to eat something, just so I don’t faint – funny how one needs to make oneself better and stronger in order to see the doctor! Really, eating healthy is costly, in case people don’t know? OK, well, I have to do a whole lot of blood tests too, and that means I need energy and hydration. Ironic, isn’t it, that one needs to be well enough to make it to the clinic? The really sick stay home, if they have the means then they get care at home, if they don’t have the means, then too bad, that’s where you stay until you recover or just rot to death. Dire? Yes, but that is reality, and it is a reality I have had to face and have had plenty of time to contemplate since the age of 5, more than 4 decades ago. I was blessed with parents who had the means, and friends in the right profession, so doctors’ visits were never an problem when growing up. It was only when I became an adult and struggling to live independently away from home base that I had to deal directly with the more grim side of being unwell. Now, I am even reluctant to seek medical attention because I can hardly afford the high costs.

A bacon, cheese and mustard pita roll. Nothing fancy but filling, and my senses desperately needed a perk up with something strong and tasty, even if not particularly healthy. Drink up the coffee and milo, Bunny, time to get cracking!

Have a robust day, friends!


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