It is no surprise that the weather affects people’s moods, but for those with hypersensitivies, whether autistic or not, the weather plays an even more powerful part in our overall conditions. After a long spell of dry, sunny and warm weather, it has now begun to rain. Today, my senses are in a near shutdown modality. The weather has been less than ideal for us both. Lucy hates walking in wet soggy grass, she avoids the muddy spots, daintily steps around puddles, and frantically searches for dry ground, asking to get back indoors, and veering towards sheltered walkways at every opportunity she finds. For me, wet days make me feel as if there is a very insistent, bulky and heavy wet towel wrapped tightly around my head. My head throbs with a dullness that seeps into and permeates my mental faculties. I am unable to think clearly through the sensory fog, it is thick, and a dirty shade of grey. My legs, from the knees down, are tingling from a cloying clamminess that makes the entire length of knee, shin and ankle ache, and the toes perspire at the same time. There is a sick smell of rot in the air, which makes me feel nauseous, and my body seems to disengage from the mental command centre, such that my limbs and digits don’t want to obey orders from the main control station. Yes, I do understand that the earth needs its watering, of course I do, but my hypersenses are not convinced. I am in auto-zombie mode at times like these.

It doesn’t help my anxiety that I have yet to write out a decent introductory chapter to my dissertation! Vicious cycle it is, to be sure.

Well, the taste buds are not feeling up to too much eclecticism today, so I have opted for a plain, bland meal of bacon, capsicum and rice. Both Lucy and I love red capsicum. I baked a tray for Lucy, just plain with a bit of olive oil, and another tray for myself, with bacon slices throw on top. Lucy had some for dinner, and I am going to do a repeat of lunch for my evening meal too. Just three separate and different flavours and textures today – the senses are too distraught to manage anything more complex right now.


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