coconut cream spree!

I grew up in the tropics. I love coconut. Coconut trees used to be everywhere, when I was a child, living near a local traditional village. The beaches are lined with coconut trees too. We had plenty of coconut water, fresh coconut flesh, and coconut in our food – Malay, Indian, Peranakan and Chinese styles! Now, in Australia, there seems to be a kind of coconut mania among the health-food conscious people, and even the not so healthy foodie bunch. Bring it on, I say, I love coconut!

The thing about cooking for one is that as soon as I open a tin of anything, I will have to finish it because I hate to throw away good food. Well, so, after the coconut addition to the cupcake frosting, I still have the rest of the tin left in the fridge, which I transferred into a bottle of course.

Dessert for the last two days have been coconut filled concoctions. I made a batch of sago pearls, and had some at teatime yesterday with coconut cream topping and some of the candied orange peel that I made a few days ago. I also added a dollop of the stuff to my coffee too. Today, again, at teatime, I added some coconut cream to the mini doughnuts that I had bought at the mall in the morning. I think Lucy wanted some too! 🙂

Repeating food is something people who live on their own dislike, and too often they prefer to eat out or buy takeaways. For me, cooking for one is relaxing and even comforting. I do not enjoy cooking for many, the maximum number would be four, beyond that, and I become extremely stressed. I prefer to eat alone too, but I do enjoy eating with people whose company I enjoy, though it is for their company rather than the enjoyment of food. I enjoy food best when I am alone, fully relaxed and able to tune in to my senses undisturbed. With friends whose company I delight in, the food becomes incidental, in fact, I am less able to enjoy the food. It’s all tied in with the autism and hyper senses, methinks. With Lucy, it’s all ok – she has her own food and I have mine, and she is part of the calming sensory landscape anyway.

There is some more coconut cream left. Maybe time for a pre bedtime snack?

Good night.


5 thoughts on “coconut cream spree!

  1. Im a repetitive eater. I can the same thing over and over again to the point where it would drive any NT insane. I also like my food best when im on my own because you can really enjoy it then with out having other people experience and emotions at the time foisted on you too. Hope you had a good night 🙂

    • I love repeats with variations, much like the musical form, Theme and Variations, same theme with creative variations on thematic idea. In fact, food is very much interlinked and associated with music and art for me. I also do not like too much drama in my daily food. I eat best alone, or with my baby sister of who I feel the most trustful. We both like repetition! Lucy is, of course, the best companion in all situations? Thanks, we had a good night!


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