Flash Blog: Autism is Not a Crime

The most positive way in which Autism Spectrum Condition (I do not like the term “Disorder”) has affected me? It has not affected me at all, it IS the way I function. It is a glorious way to be. I love the way my detail focused cognition and hypersenses give me insights into a different dimension. My life is all the fuller, my tapestries more textured, more full of different fragrances, sonically richer, so much more kaleidoscopic, and yes, even more empathic and flexible, because of my neurological function. Autism is Not a Crime!

Gretchen Leary

Dear Autism Community,

Considering the recent sad tragedy and the false media stigma that seems to be rising up – I want to ask you to join me in doing a flash blog tomorrow using hashtag #Aspergers & #Autismisnotacrime so we can find each other’s posts.

Although I cannot host everyone’s blog posts on my page, if you email me your blog post I will tweet it out. (Authorleary @ gmail dot com)

I’ve never led one before but I feel compelled to help clarify this false stigma that the media has placed on our community.

Will you join me and write a blog post about the most positive way that ASD has affected you? Please post it tomorrow to show the world that this stigma is wrong and our community is nothing to be afraid of.

Gretchen Leary

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