the sea

at the sea

at the sea

One of my favourite photographs of two of my favourite people in the world, at one of my favourite places in the world. Those were better days. I treasure them now, when life for us all seems so tumultuous and uncertain. This visual image also reminds me of the other less pleasant holidays I’ve had by the sea, with people who cared little for me apart from my usefulness to them (but I, in my ridiculous naivete, did not know it at the time). Juxtaposition is nevertheless necessary, if there were no bad memories, the delightful taste of the good would be less cogent, the kaleidoscope of colours more dull and the wash of comfort too tepid. As for the sea, it remains the sea, immutable witness to the oscillations of human proclivities, always blue, green, grey, pink, red, yellow, orange, thunderous, whistling, pounding, ebbing, flowing, heaving, hissing, whispering, soft, harsh, salty, sweet, bitter, fragrant, piercing, overwhelming, gentle, and in synergetic powerful symphony with the equally cogent sky. The pink and blue in this photograph is exactly the way my own eyes encountered it, no photoshopping and no distortion of the camera lens.

I miss my baby sister and her lovely hubby. I miss her two furbabies. And I miss the sea. I know, I am in Australia, land of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches – but guess what, I have yet to set foot on any of them! I am not fond of crowded beaches, I don’t relish the sensory experience of tripping over a knotty carpet of human bodies in various stages of baking. Many years ago, on a solo trip to Oahu, Hawaii, I noticed with dismay that most of the humans lining Waikiki beach resembled mottle skinned beached whales, and worse still, they got up and walked around in that same state too! My experience of Waikiki was a visual feast of walking, bobbing and bouncing beached whales on florid red legs. I had to travel over an hour in a public bus to the North Shore for the beauty that I sought. And later, I was told I shouldn’t have ventured off alone. Well thankfully, I survived. I am sure the human bodies lining Bondi Beach must be a lot more attractive than the specimens lurking in Waikiki, given the Aussie love for outdoor sport and beautiful bods, but the crowdedness alone puts me off. I don’t have a car, I don’t have a driver’s license, so I cannot take Lucy to any spot less teeming with hordes of humanity.

When I have money… Ah the things I would do, the things I must do. And I don’t mean becoming a millionaire, though that is a nice thought. I mean, when I have more than $10 a day to live on. I will get my driver’s license. I will take Lucy and me to the sea. Perhaps, my baby sister, her hubby and her two boys too? We can still dream. Sometimes, some dreams come true.


3 thoughts on “the sea

  1. Or maybe one day if your ever up for it, you can come visit Kobash and I in Queensland 🙂 Beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast 🙂 And Lucy can play with (or stand in GreyHound indifference lol) with Nova 😀

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