Monday. I don’t usually have an issue with Mondays the way most people do. I work through the weekends anyway, there are so many facets of my work, pleasurable and captivating dimensions every which way, so Monday is just another day. However, both Lucy and I weren’t at our perkiest today. The baby girl seemed moody, not her usual bouncy self. As for me, it was a surreal ‘fuzzy-fog’ kind of day where the air smelled ponderous and there was a basso continuo throbbing through the muscles of my body.

We are determined foodie girls, nevertheless, and food we must enjoy! I bought two bunches of fresh kailan from the Asian veggie and fruit shop down at Kingsford. Once of my favourite ways to cook this juicy, crunchy vegetable is to steam it, and serve it with sesame oil and oyster sauce. That is what I did. There was leftover beef rendang in the fridge, and it went into the noodles, even though I wasn’t feeling like having anything spicy today, I succumbed to the “waste not” mantra thumping on my eardrums. While I ate my lunch, Miss Lucy chewed on her new Himalayan Chewy. I am not so sure about this one, but I read some interesting reviews, so I thought I’d buy two for her to try. Well, she seemed to enjoy herself chewing – she is not much of a chomper and she approached it ever so delicately, but she liked it quite a lot. I took it away after she’d annihilated half of it, as I didn’t want her to overdo it and then have runny tum.

Not a particularly inspiring day, though, because of the pain, so we cuddled in bed and I did my readings there with my girl.

I am in physical pain a lot of the time. LIving on a budget is not easy either. I worry about a great many things, and I feel frustrated at not achieving as much as I want to. However, Lucy places everything into perfect perspective for me. She is content just to be with me, and I with her. She keeps me focused on the important things, the clemency in my life. My Princess has managed to do what no human could – fill my life, occupy space inside my solitude, offer me the kind of symbiotic companionship that I need, without judgement, without encroachment, bring calm and tranquility and inspire creativity.

My body struggles on with difficulties that have plagued me since childhood, and IΒ may not be financially prosperous, rather the opposite, but I am doing what I love and am passionate for now, and with Lucy, I have found a contented state of being.


4 thoughts on “eudaimonia

  1. πŸ™‚ I find that those that have a surplus of money actually miss out on what is more important. They think that they have everything that they need, but money in the end cant buy them happiness and that contentment that you get from appreciating the “little” things. Or what most deem are little things. Cuddling with your girl and finding that oneness is truly a blessing. You appreciate life and beauty, that is also a blessing. πŸ™‚ and having Lucy to accompany you along the way, a soul mate, a kindred spirit is a great gift πŸ™‚ Finding contentment isn’t easy. Hope you both are feeling better today xx

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