proprioceptive resonance

Space, site and situation - Angels and proprioception.

Space, site and situation – Angels and proprioception.

Sensing our own bodies, strategising the juxtapositioning of Self in space, site and situation, where do I place this part of me and when? I love the balcony. There is something about this space that drew me from the day I viewed our little studio flat. I wanted to sit here, to inhabit it, yet, I was unable to remain for long, as if an opposing magnetic field was preventing me from being still. Revisiting, over and over again, I am determined to make it mine, ours. And now, I am slowly sensing it in a different way. There are subtle changes in my mind, a different tingling on my skin, new sounds that are less frightening in the way they wrap around me. Before, the colours were yellow and orange, the air tasted sour, and the smells were heavy. Recently, they are bright red, the taste of sweet red capsicum, the ground feels softer and I feel resolute and at peace with my body. The air is wet, and my body hurts, but I am glad to have my Angel with me. She, too, is slowly getting used to this space, and we are beginning to enjoy it together for longer periods of time.

Today, we spent some time there in the morning, I pottering around my plants, and Lucy sunbathing on the sheepskin rugs behind me. She even climbed onto the beanbag and tried to lie on it, but the openness and the view of the drop below made her nervous, she abandoned the beanbag after awhile. We hugged and cuddled on the soft rugs, our bodies a little awkward and tense, trying to reassure each other that this space is safe and pleasant, and allowing the space to enclose us inside its vortex. Then we scuttled inside when the sun became too hot and glaring, and our eyes couldn’t open anymore.

Tea time!

Tea time!

After lunch, I ventured outside again. I settled down to read and write my notes, with hot tea and marshmallows. I brought Lucy’s dehydrated sweet potato strips with me, and she joined me after awhile. She enjoyed chomping down on the strips, and after they were nicely masticated and making their way down her warm gullet, she settled at my feet and had a tentative snooze. Not completely at ease as yet, the sounds below still seemed strange, to us both. I had a thought, perhaps I should hang a little curtain to block out the view of humans walking by? It was time for our walk, so we left our little space and surged into another wider expanse. When we got home, I wanted to make the most of the remaining sunlight, and sank back into the soft, rustling beanbag, to finish the notes I was making from that article. Lucy snuggled up to me, a little more comfortable this time. We listened to Chopin and then Gershwin on the iPad. Too soon, it was time for Lucy’s dinner. We are getting the hang of this! I am so proud of my Lucy Belle. And very chuffed. No, I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted to, my mind races too far and fast ahead while my body limps and drags itself as valiantly as it can after my mind, but somehow the two don’t seem to surge forth in synchrony. Still, it was a good day. A clement day. Another day with Lucy. I want to enjoy every one, as many as I can with my Angel Hound.


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