A high pain day today. I had to cancel luncheon with my friend Rick. I’ve been literally unable to speak today, well, not without a lot of effort anyway. So much for the colchicine. I did have two weeks of controllable pain, so I shouldn’t complain.

Nevertheless, I managed to enjoy two good meals, and I am rather chuffed – that itself is an achievement. Sometimes, the important things are in the smallest things. Getting out of bed, bending to put the socks on, brushing the teeth, the list goes on. These are tasks that can be challenging on a bad day. I congratulate myself during these days, at having achieved even the most innocuous. Today, executing and imbibing lunch and dinner were huge feats. 

OK, so I cheated. I bought two tandoori style chicken drumsticks from the IGA. Did a quick olive oil and sea salt stir fry of the one bunch of purple kale that came in this week’s Thoughtful Foods veggie and fruit box. I also added a mandarin. That was lunch. For dinner, I served the other chicken drumstick with rice again, but added a cucumber, pickled in Thai fish sauce, a dash of lime juice, and Japanese seaweed and sesame seed topping. Oh, and a few small pieces of the sweet potato that I had boiled, in readiness for dessert tomorrow.

Good ol’ Bunny! Bravissimo! And now, Lucy is telling me it’s time to cuddle in bed. Good night again, world!


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