One area not popularly discussed (or studied) is drug sensitivity in autistic individuals. What little knowledge I have is based largely on my own experiences and a few vignettes from fellow autists, or incidental comments from autistic speakers like Temple Grandin.

I am at present back on colchicine, no, not for gout, but for the autoimmune condition. One huge change, apart from the tummy pains, runny tummy and pervading low level nausea, is the lack of appetite. I have been less inspired, but being the eternal foodie that I am, I am still stubbornly determined to cook and eat, even though the offerings may be less than stirring to the senses than usual.

How much better is colchicine than prednisolone, which I used to have to take during severe flare ups? I have my misgivings, but I am eager to improve my quality of life, because I know this autoimmune pain will probably never find a miracle cure, and since I am already nearer the end than the beginning, how I manage to get through each day is more important than how many days I have to get through. I am finally doing what I always wanted to do, and what I have always known I should do. Now is not the time to worry about how long my life can be preserved in an unremitting state of pain, but rather how I can get through each day well enough to attack the challenges with as much mental-physical energy that I can possibly muster. Trading on the side effects seems to be the only option I have, and I’ll take it!

(Lucy has helped me so much as it is, and she comes without druggy side effects, so I really cannot complain!)


6 thoughts on “drugged

  1. Aspergians are more sensitive. I can vouch for that. After spending years on thing or another I got off everything. It was causing more problems then it was fixing. I really hope that things even out for you with the medication. It sucks when the side effects make it hard to live when the meds are supposed to be helping.

    • Thanks for the thoughts. In this case, it’s a trading of one thing for another, and so far, the trade has been worth it, i.e. the side effects of the drug have been more bearable than the full on effects of the autoimmune flare up. Maybe I might hit upon a drug that is better somewhere further along the road, who knows?

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