looking at looking

I really enjoyed this talk by V.S. Ramachandran yesterday. It really deserves to be accessed a few more times, to allow the mind to look and listen and create upon the concepts introduced. It really does wonders when a very brilliant mind presents a talk with a lot of humour too!

I have been doing some thinking about neuroaesthetics and neurocosmopolitanism lately. It seems that neuroscience really does need to take a good hard indepth and open minded revised look at the way it investigates and presents neurological differences. The whole ableist neurotypical-skewed foundations towards what constitutes impairments and how to frame these findings seem to be screaming out desperately for a more transdisciplinary artistic and humanist approach.

Another approach to the neurodiversity conundrum comes from Ralph Savarese. “Let’s try to address the challenges that autistic people have” – a quote from this very insightful and piercingly confronting interview: Autism as Diversity – Emily and Ralph Savarese on Iowa Public Radio, talking about their experiences with the complexities of autism and their adopted autistic son, DJ, who presented as ‘low functioning’ non-verbal at the beginning but is now the first non-verbal autist at Oberlin College. Here is an article by DJ Savarese in Disability Studies Quarterly.

Listening to this one on a beautiful clear (and cold) morning, eating my cereal, drinking the daily coffee-milo-soy milk, and musing on mulitmodal, multi-dimensional and multi-empathic perceptions. (Oh, Lucy will be nudging me for her second morning walky soon! Better get ready!)


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