It was cold again today, but the sunshine made everything so lovely. I don’t mind the cold, it is the wet, rainy days that my hypersenses react poorly to. The cooler weather is a great excuse to cuddle up with my Princess anyway, who could dislike that?

I cooked Laksa again today. Prima Taste mix, of course, no other would do! Piping hot and spicy, a perfect balance for a cold day. Of course, I used one of the chicken drumsticks from last night. The pack of beansprouts were beginning to call out my name too, so I blanched the lot before they wilted and rotted. Beansprouts don’t keep well, unfortunately.

My baby girl kept me company while I cooked. It’s a new habit of hers. She lies on the rug ever so elegantly and waits there, with such determined patience, for a treat. Of course, she gets her treat at the end.

A good day, it was. I even managed to finish reading an important article, and made notes along the way. Time to climb into bed with the Princess now. She is dropping little hints – calculated sighing – ok, mumma’s got the message!

Good night, world!


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