thought stims


It’s incredibly warm right now, for what is supposed to be a cold day. I expect the actual cold snap will be upon us soon, but right now, the sun is providing some pleasant respite and a light buzzy warmth, even though my senses can detect a layer of cold creeping up. A surreal, ‘though stimming’ day. I don’t believe they are random thoughts in a true sense of the word, ‘random,’ but rather subconsciously interrelated threads, and the stimming is just a way of compensating for the stress of ‘brain-slush-condition’ that seemed to descend upon me since my annual review session. 🙂

I juiced three carrots and a few stalks of celery this morning. Lucy will have the pulp in her food, since I am out of pumpkin. Combined with tomato juice (from a bottle) and a few splashes of Tabasco sauce, it does pack a good punch! While chewing on the stick of celery that I used as a stirrer, I got a bit tangled up in the celery fibre, and wondered if anyone has ever used celery fibre to crochet or knit or weave? I should investigate that further.

I’ve been reading vignettes from Ralph Savarese‘s website, and then on a sudden brain wormy stimmy tangent, began musing on the autistic sense as a sentient being in itself, a sort of ‘vibrant entity,’ an engine that drives the autistic body. Another avenue to scope out for sure.

Then, I have been thinking abut potatoes. Yes, potatoes. How to bake the perfect baked potato chip. I cannot afford a dry fryer, and I hate the idea of deep frying – greasy odours flooding my small little studio flat, tacky film of grease settling all over, and of course the overpowering, lingering smell! Ugh, no! But I can’t seem to get my baked chips to be as crunchy as the deep fried version. Hmmm… Try and try again, I guess.

Oh, what does one do with celery leaves? I am a celery ignoramus.

I need to sew Lucy a new warm coatie that will fit underneath her MindDog one. Wondering what material to use and if I have anything suitable in my stash of textiles?

I should make up a tray of that marshmallow-rice-bubbles dessert. Why? Well, I have the stuff and I feel like something sweet, soft and crunchy too.

Lunch was pretty good. I boiled up a portion of Cantonese style egg noodles, the kind usually served with wonton, mixed it with oyster sauce and a dash of dark soy sauce, and served it with some of the pork balls I’d made with the tom yum salted veggie soup the night before. Leftovers can be even more delicious after being allowed to steep and sit for awhile!

And, on the subject of food, I have ditched the kangaroo and dehydrated a new batch of treats for Lucy from lamb’s fry instead. The smell of it being dehydrated was rather overwhelming. If it weren’t for Lucy, I’d have turned it off and chucked out the lot, but being a mum does require some persistence and overcoming of one’s own aversions at times.

Back to more Savarese reading. Have a good one, folks!

6 thoughts on “thought stims

  1. Have you seen the little free standing ovens you can get from Kmart? Awesome bakers they are. Roasts, potatoes so crispy, the best chicken…about 40 and so worth it. We use ours all the time. Barely use the wall oven at all except to make cup cakes 🙂

    • Ahah! Yes, mine is the cheap one from Kmart, only $35 and it’s a nifty little thing! A little banged up now, since being abused by several other people apart from myself, but still going strong.

  2. They are so awesome arnt they? I make cottage pies, roasts, so much in it. When we go to Melbourne this year we’re taking it to the apartment we’re staying in . lol. cant live without it.

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