After this, I am never again putting up with bullies telling me that my medical conditions are imaginary.

Another cogent post by Amanda Baggs. For me, the most difficult and painful awakening about bullies, bullying and learning to stand up for Self despite Other, has come from family members. People who are *supposed* to care for you, with whom you grew up and are not explicitly taught to beware of, siblings and even parents, educated people, who deny even a medical diagnosis and physical evidence (apparently, seeing is not believing to these types) in order to fulfill some twisted innate desire to mock, torture and eventually annihilate the weak among them. I have learned to be strong against the enemy without, but the enemy within one’s ranks is the most vicious of all evils.


After my diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency, then the last foothold that bullies had made into my mind, it fell away like sand.

It wasn’t just that the diagnosis was so obvious, so grounded in specific laboratory tests that nobody with any knowledge could argue with.  It wasn’t that, so much, at all.

It was what I felt in my body.

It was the way I felt life returning to my body.

It was the way I felt sturdy rather than fragile.

It was doing forty jumping jacks in a row, fast.

It was going up seven flights of steps to use a treadmill for ten minutes, then go all the way downstairs, and then back up to my apartment.

It was doing things, large and small, that my body couldn’t do before.  Couldn’t.  Not even a little.

It was feeling that fall away from me again, temporarily, when my body…

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