soothing soup and Hello Kitty

It’s been a tad cooler these days. I don’t like the rain, but I am grateful that I have a safe cosy and clean home to shelter in and my beautiful warm Lucy to cuddle up with. I have been thinking about my homeless friends, who I have not seen since moving out of Paddington. I miss them. And I think Lucy does too. I wonder how they are doing and where they are sleeping when it is cold and wet. One cannot save the world and right all wrongs, but one does wish one were better disposed to help those with whom one has formed personal connections, even if these connections were merely ten minutes of chatting every day.

I cooked an old favourite soup yesterday, salted veggie soup, and some sesame chicken. It was good for two meals, so I had the leftovers today. I’ve always found a great deal of sensory comfort in food, and I enjoy ‘dressing up’ my food for my own visual satisfaction. The process itself is fun too. Oh, and did I mention that the rest of the sago pearls were put into Hello Kitty moulds? Yup. Hello Kitty sago pudding. Makes everything that much more interesting, oui? Sometimes, the simplest and least important of things can be absolutely delightful. It just depends on how one looks at everything.

Walter Benjamin waffled on about the changing perspectives and perceptions of art in this age of technical mass reproduction. The one object can have many evolving identities and semiotic associations. It all depends on which point of evolution one happens to be at, and how one views things. What lenses am I wearing today?


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