Princess and the pumpkin

OK, I finally cut and cooked that pumpkin. Remember, it was living by my bed until I cleaned and tidied the flat and put it up on the shelf. Well, it was sitting pretty there, forgotten, until I needed space for my new box of breakfast cereal. Amazingly, it was not yet rotten! I decided to cut it and cook it for the Princess, because I know pumpkin can be good for dogs, especially Greyhounds with quirky digestion.

To my surprise, as soon as my knife pierced the pumpkin, my Sleeping Beauty woke up from her elegant slumber and trotted over to me, eyes bright with anticipation! I cut it into two halves, as neatly as I could, and scraped out the seeds for later use. There was some ripe soft flesh in the centre and I thought I’d try giving some to Lucy, since she was giving me a most enthusiastic look. The Princess approved! She lapped it up hungrily and proceeded to ask politely for more. My girl may be a foodie, but she is still royalty, she never jumps around begging or slobbering, she is always ever so genteel, even when she is asking for something.

After I’d scraped off as much of the soft fleshy parts as I could, I baked the rest of the halves in the ovenette. Lucy, of course, had a bit more of the baked offerings just before curling up in bed for the night.

My Princess is a practical girl. She doesn’t want a pumpkin turning into a carriage, she prefers an edible one. 🙂


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