comfort food on a wet day


It poured buckets this morning. I managed to bribe the Princess to go outside – with a lot of treats and of course it helped that she now has the lovely raincoat from K9 Voyager, specially designed and made for Greyhounds. My baby and I hate wet days, she doesn’t appreciate wet, muddy paws and for me it’s the rheumatic pain and depression triggered by hypersensory responses to dampness that really gets me down, but it’s all part of keeping the earth well watered, so we have to take it in our strides – hers more elegant than mine, of course!

I am feeling a tad better today, no fever, and hopeful that things are taking a turn for the better henceforth.

Time for some comfort food. I summoned the energy to make an old favourite dessert from back home – sago pudding with gula melaka and coconut milk. The sago pearls turned out perfectly this time around! 10 minutes on the boil, then another 10 minutes in the covered pot, rinse with cold water and strain. The Jeeny’s plam sugar wasn’t very good at all, it doesn’t have the authentic gula melaka taste that I am so used to. Disappointed but to be expected. I shall have to make a trip to an Asian grocery store to find some genuine stuff. Anyhow, it did the job pretty well. Lunch consisted of leftovers from yesterday’s DIY pizza adventure – there was a bit more smoked salmon, and chopped and cooked aubergine and capsicum in the fridge.

My hypersenses are not acting up too much today. Just the feet feeling a little icy, no headache. This is good news indeed. I am also hopeful that the body will get used to the colchicine too, and perhaps it might help alleviate the ulcer attacks somewhat. Any respite from the exhausting levels of pain is received with much gratitude!

Maybe now I can tackle the Walter Benjamin readings? Tally ho, Bunny!


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