I think winter has arrived. Well, we are lucky here in Sydney, the winters thus far have been mild. The baby girl needed her pyjamas last night. I really should sew her two new sets for this year, the old ones are looking a tad tired. The temperatures have dipped, and the coconut oil with lavender essence has solidified. I do prefer it this way, then I can use it like a cream, rather than dipping my fingers into liquid. I apply this every other night to Lucy’s paw pads. Yes, I am a little paranoid about her developing corns, which seems to plague Greyhounds in particular (apart from humans and horses). I also use the mixture on myself, it’s great for healing the skin reactions I get from insect bites.

Balm. We need healing balm in so many ways and different areas of our lives, don’t we? 

Since Lucy came into my life, she has become a soothing balm for so many of my ailments. She has a rather comprehensive sensory-based curative effect on me. Smell (warm vanilla), warmth (dogs have warmer body temperatures), touch (touch therapy is amazing!), texture (her coat is silken velvet), proprioception (balance, physical presence) and she also helps me detect and predict potentially overloading situations. I’ve said all this before, but I am Aspie, remember? We like the processes of repeat, recall, reiterate. 🙂

Some movements are calming too. Like scraping a parsnip to make parsnip chips. I used a peeler. Tossed the thin shreds in olive oil, and backed in the ovenette on very low heat until crispy. No added salt, because I am sharing them with Lucy. She loves it! She has been learning to enjoy fruit and veggie lately. Her new ‘like’ is soft pear. Did I also mention that merely watching Lucy enjoying her food, and being content and happy, is also balm for my frayed nerves?

Have a balm-filled day!


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