vade mecum

No. Not a book. Not a jewel. More precious. It’s Lucy. She goes with me. Almost everywhere. By my side. I am learning to rely on her more for some kinds of information, subtle sensory wisdom. Tactile comfort too – remember all those articles about how beneficial touch therapy is for stress relief? It’s true. As well as proprioceptive equilibrium these days. I think I might have mentioned this before in a previous post: we have established a new routine. It has been difficult for me to get out of our comfy bed on the floor, because of the autoimmune pain that I have been suffering for too long now. So, Lucy stands by the bed and I place my hand on her shoulder for balance. I don’t press hard, I am mindful that Greyhounds cannot take weight on their backs, but she helps steady me as I rise. It didn’t take her long to learn, just twice over and she knew what I wanted.

Comfort eating has its limits. Not to mention potential health pitfalls. Doggy comfort has no side effects apart from developing a fixation. I have both, though lately, I have been less inspired in the culinary area.

I cooked the extra slice of steak that my friend Rick brought yesterday. A slightly different recipe, though it looks the same as what we had for brunch. Today’s recipe is a variation of an old favourite I used to love when I lived in Hong Kong. Roughly translated, it means, “Chinese style beef sirloin.” Marinaded in soy sauce, oyster sauce, apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of cornflour. Stir fried in coconut oil, with some tinned chopped tomato. There was leftover rice from yesterday too. It was delicious but a struggle to eat, again, because of the pain. I think I shall cook congee again tonight with the rest of the rice.

The marshmallows were getting a bit dry and sad, it was time to reinvent. I made marshmallow rice bubble bars. A tad too sticky, but I like rice bubbles because of the crunch without the pain. The puffy texture provides enough ‘pop’ when one chews down on it, but it is still soft enough not to scrape against the ulcers in the mouth.

Too much to eat today, far too full a belly. I crashed into bed with the Sleeping Beauty and we cuddled for awhile. I needed that rest. Can’t say I woke up refreshed, actually, I have been waking up in a lot of pain, but rest is welcome these days. And so much better with my Lucy, innit?

Happy Easter Sunday.


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