Determined Breakfast

Determined Breakfast

What does Uncle Toby oat flakes cereal have to do with persistence and determination? A lot. It is a concrete reflection of the kind of steely-willed purposefulness that is often evident in people struggling with pain and learning to survive regardless. Most days, the pain is so severe, it takes dogged courage to force the swollen jaw open enough for even a teaspoon to slide through, and even more to start chewing down on whatever I’ve managed to shove through. Cereal is particularly difficult, and muesli is almost impossible. OK, but I am a Bunny-on-a-Budget, the oat flakes were a freebie from Coles, I was determined to try it. I did. I soaked the stuff in soya milk, of course, to soften it, but not so much that it turned into goop. 

Sometimes the determination pays off. Sometimes it doesn’t. This time, it was ok. I quite liked the taste of it. Maybe after I’ve finished up the giant bag of rice bubbles, I’ll try this one next.

If all else fails, I just crawl into bed with my beautiful Lucy for a time-out break.

I saw this Michael Leunig cartoon today. I love Leunig. He is sheer genius. This one is so reverberating and resonant right now. Some of us just have to be more indefatigable.



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