more fish


Dinner last night featured more of that smoked salmon – of course, what else? Routine, repetition with just a little variation do make for comfortable patterns. We all love some semblance of habitual procedure, but Aspies tend to need this more. Some scientist have attributed this trait to our detail-focused cognition and of course, I do think there is the sensory dimension at play too. I mean, if one formula works well, and the senses are not going crazy, why not stick to it? I am musing on this blog post, “Do Not Disturb My Circles,” by one of my favourite bloggers, Alex.

Change is difficult for us. Even when we have initiated the purpose behind the change. I have lived in a state of constant uncertainty all my life. I never felt I was ‘home’ in any way. I have lived and studied away from home, venturing into completely alien territory, many times in my life. I have traveled alone for various reasons too. Within the last 2 years, I have also moved house three times. I wake up some mornings wondering where I am.

The one comforting constant I now have is Lucy. She is the anchor in my whirlwind of flux. I know she does not like the many evolutions to our site, space and situation either. Yet, she takes it all within her stride, with stoic tranquility. She is more royal than I could ever be. I owe a lot of my own courage to her presence.

Right. Muse over. I think I shall have some more of that smoked salmon again tonight. 🙂

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