lazy luncheon

I love salmon, especially smoked salmon. Salmon sashimi is a close second, followed by salmon steak lightly sautéed in coconut oil. Well, it’s Easter weekend, and although I do not celebrate religious occasions religiously (pardon this terrible humour), I thought it’d be good to have some fish anyway. I’d bought the 500g pack of smoked salmon a week ago at Harris Farm, because, yes, you guess right, it was on special! (What else? I won’t be able to afford what used to be a firm favourite otherwise.)

After cleaning house – yes, my studio was beginning to fall into disarray, and I just didn’t want to sleep next to a pumpkin and rice cooker anymore – I made a DIY smoked salmon pizza on pita bread. One zucchini, some diced tomato, cheap Aussie cheddar cheese (sorry, cannot afford Mozarella unless on special) on a large pita, baked at 200C for a few minutes until cheese sufficiently melted, then topped with smoked salmon shreds.

Lucy has decided to enjoy the balcony at last. She was previously afraid to go outside. Then began to make tentative sorties out to gaze at the world for a few brief seconds at a time. Today, after waking up from her snooze, while I was preparing the pizza, she decided to have a little sunbathe outside. I was most chuffed! Perhaps it helped that I had her fluffy bedding all hung out to dry in the sun, thus covering most of the view and she may have felt a little less ‘exposed’ and vulnerable? Anyhow, my girl being relaxed and happy is always a beautiful sight to behold.

The pizza was good too!


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