kale overdose

The kale in my new Thoughtful Foods box wasn’t as fresh as I expected. It was wilting when I picked up the box, and began to turn yellow overnight. Nevertheless, I managed to salvage half of it. I did a kale crisps low heat bake with olive oil. I also made a batch of Hainanese Chicken Rice – with Prima Taste mix, of course, what else? I had the rice with one of the two chicken thighs I’d popped into the microwave roasting pot. Marinaded simply with soy sauce and sesame oil. Oh, and of course kale – the veggie du jour! I ate it all up, because it won’t keep well in the fridge. The rice combo tasted really great with some dried cranberries, it added the extra ‘pop’ to the whole motley assortment of tastes and textures.

Yes, I am a Foodie Aspie Bunny, I crave tasty foods, maybe a bit too much. The old middle aged waistline seems to be expanding… 😀 Indeed, it happens to Aspies too, you know!


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