two in one

The prawns were on offer at the IGA. Just $5. Good for the day. Mixed herbs, the last half tomato, Thai fish sauce, and stir fried in coconut oil. Delicious! That lasted two meals. It could’ve been stretched out for one more, but I was hungry.

Talking about leftovers, the last of the freebie peaches was looking quite shriveled, so I cut it up and added the half cup of fruit cocktail that my friend Rick so kindly brought me as a funny gift two weeks ago. I had previously made a batch of failed coconut cream icing, too much coconut cream so it was watery and never set. I added some of that mixture to the bowl of fresh and preserved fruit. Lucy was curious, but nope, that one was all mine!

The challenge to recycle, and to be creative with less rather than more, has always been fascinating to me. Even as a child, I was ever eager to reuse and rework existing material. I lost that enthusiasm during the miserable years where I was earning good money in a job I loathed and where cried myself to sleep every night because I had to face the next day with no end in sight. Well that ended. Not without drama, but the story will save for my epic tell-all book. Here, we’ll just keep to the fun things, shall we? So, now, on a tight budget, it is not too much suffering to have to improvise and think about my food and approaches to enjoying food on a tight shoestring. The Aspie mind finds immense pleasure in the process, rather than the end result alone, though if this is satisfactory, then all the better. Even if not, the process is in itself our purpose.

And I have the best companion – my Lucy watching my every move, always positive, never a word of admonishment from her.


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