More specials at IGA. This time, minced pork. I’ve been unwell lately, with pain levels hovering in the rooftops, so I cooked more congee yesterday. I added the minced pork to one batch of congee, and enjoyed a simple traditional Cantonese style pork congee. I ate it all up really quickly, and forgot to take a photograph. I was pretty hungry! 

I made the rest of the pork into mini patties. There were four left for today. For lunch today, I finished remainder of the congee. A popular side dish for plain congee is egg omelette with choy poh, salted preserved radish, chopped finely. I added some home grown spring onion and a teaspoon of soy milk for fluffiness. I do think I am getting better at cooking eggs. It’s also a cheap source of protein. I never liked eggs much, but since being on a tight budget, I’ve been learning to adapt to the smell, taste and texture, and practising better egg-cooking skills! It’s pretty much touch and go, though, there are some days that my senses just cannot bear the egg-assault: from the slimy goop of the egg white when one cracks the egg, to the sulfuric smell of the yolk, eggs can be quite daunting things for hypersensitive Aspies. I am determined, nevertheless, to keep going at it.

I ‘discovered’ a solitary capsicum (yes, from week before last’s Thoughtful Foods box!) lying forlornly in the veggie compartment, hidden by a carrot. I decided to share it with Lucy, so I cut it up and popped it into the microwave roasting pot with just olive oil in the mix, no flavouring. Capsicum is sweet, and burns easily, and I put it in at high heat for a bit too long, so quite a bit of it was slightly burnt on one side. I picked out the bits that were not burnt for Lucy. She loves cooked capsicum! Then I broke up the remaining pork patties and added the rest of the marmalade onions to my share of the capsicums, and popped it into the microwave again for a minute. Voila! Dinner!

My kitchen in this new flat is extremely tiny. Not enough counter space for everything I need, but I am happy to be cooking again. It was somewhat cast into a dark shadow during the three months that Miss L had taken over my kitchen and fridge, and filled it with her filth and disorder. I valiantly soldiered on but the simple pleasure became stifled by the cloud of dirt and mess. But that is over now, and the fun is returning once more, despite the spatial challenges!


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