To me, Bobby McFerrin isn’t just about song or music. When I hear him perform, I enter the realm of sonic-kinetic-proprioceptive-visual projection. Does that make sense? It does to me anyway. This is a casual little blog about the senses, so I shall not get into musicological arguments here. Nor religious ones. I cannot bear to listen to the (to me) supermarket shelf variety ‘spiritual’ music being churned out, marketed and fed to arm waving gyrating folks inhabiting evangelical mega-evangelical Christian churches these days. I no longer attend church, I do not wish to identify with the institution, because, in the words of my late and beloved father, “I lose my faith when I enter the church.” And I have chosen to keep my faith.

Anyhow, I have been listening to McFerrin’s latest spiritual album, Spirityouall, over and over again lately. I bought it on iTunes. I seldom ever buy music on iTunes these days, but this one was something I really wanted and the price was not too daunting. I am relieved to find that my Lucy likes it too. So, it was well worth the splurge!

There is something beautiful about this brilliant man’s delivery. It will cheapen the experience if I said any more. Watch it / listen to it yourself. For this is what art is all about, isn’t it? A personal experience. Like it or hate it. However you react to it. It is yours. It is art.

I think I shall finish the last half stick of Magnum while I am watching this one!


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