I don’t normally eat citrus fruit. The acidity hurts the autoimmune ulcers, and I’ve had a terrible flare up that refuses to go into remission for two weeks now. Anyhow, there were two oranges in the Thoughtful Foods veggie and fruit box. I was too tired when I picked it up in the late afternoon to do any swapping (there is a swap box where one can exchange items). Not wanting to waste anything, I embarked on an experiment to use as much of the orange as I possibly can. I started with just one orange, to see how things work out. I couldn’t use the seeds, because I don’t have a garden anymore, besides, an orange tree would probably take far too long to grow from seeds. I did, however, use everything else.

Cut one orange into halves, squeezed out the juice. Sliced the peel and made candied orange peel – low sugar, preservatives free. The pulp from the juice was used for orange cupcakes – again low sugar. I added some of the syrup from boiling the orange peel into the cupcake mix. There was more syrup left, so I poured it into a bottle for later use.

Experiment complete. Everything tasted fine, except that the cupcakes were a little bland, because of the low sugar content. It makes one wonder how much sugar really goes into the desserts we eat? Scary, really, even for someone who isn’t keen on sweet foods.

Oh, and Lucy showed no interest. I guess she just doesn’t like citrus either.


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