chicken variations

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I bought an Ayam Berempah takeaway from the Mamak Village. Four pieces of chicken for $8. Not cheap but ok, that’s what you pay here in Sydney anyway. I have been rationing my chicken pieces. One a day. Deep fried chicken does keep longer in the fridge, so don’t cringe yet. My hyper sense of smell will easily detect if anything is going off, so yes, I sniff my food before I tuck in. This is what Aspie-Bunny-on-a-Budget has to do. Nope, I cannot go vegetarian, for health reasons. But I don’t want to go into that. Suffice to say, I eat with guilt, but I just have to do so. Survivor’s guilt, perhaps? Anyhow, on such a budget, I cannot even choose to eat organic or question the methods of slaughter. Not yet. Someday.

Anyway, so, variations on a theme of fried chicken. Unhealthy, cheap, but it brings some small measure of cheer to the painful process of eating. Yes, painful. You read right. But that is another story altogether. Not here, not now. This one is about chicken and variations.


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