banana ice

Two very ripe bananas. One greedy baby (she loves banana). A very hot day. What do we do? I cut and froze the banana. Then added two spoons of plain Greek yoghurt, and pulverised it with my handheld blender. Banana ice cream. For me and my gal. Lucy loved it, she licked the plate clean and shiny. For me, it was ok, banana is not a favourite with me, a bit too sweet, and there is that cloying, tacky feeling at the back of the tongue from banana sap. All in all, a good experiment. Next time, I will try dehydrating banana slices for the pooch, while I give it a miss.

OK, I am throwing in a photo of my mee goreng adventure too. No reason. Just because I took the photo and so want to use it here. I am getting the hang of frying egg. The small little pan does help. $5 from Target. Yay to cheap stuff. Sometimes. We just need it.

Writing, making notes, sketches, and drawing out plans for the next exhibition. Getting back on track, and I will soon survive the hole that the Brunhilde Louise made in my piggybank. Now, please tell my body to join us in the merry boat again – it’s a tad slow to catch on that all is fine and dandy at last. 🙂


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