adoxography in a red mug

adoxography in a red mug


I suddenly realised that I have been indulging in a spot of adoxography here, but in a gustatory dimension – i.e. taking mundane, cheap food and creating embellishments around it, as well as enjoying myself thoroughly in the process. Word stimming. Yes. Indeed. Viva adoxography, I say!

So, here we go, in praise of a cup of Earl Grey tea with a slice of lime, then.

Red contains

Dark swirling repose

Green paints

Vivacity juxtaposed

Cold metal

Stirring sweetness

Repetitive respite

Buzzing madness

Slow release

Calming drug

Tepid tea

Two dollar mug

(31 March 2014 – Dawn-joy Leong)

And a “song worm” to accompany, Bobby McFerrin’s “I Shall Be Released.”

(I love the blue-red juxtaposition in the video, it conjures synergetic associations with the music in my brain.)


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