Carrot and apple juice is always a welcome combination. I give Lucy some of the pulp in her food, and she loves it. This is how we share food, whenever there is something that is safe for me to share with her. My baby is a curious button. She never actively begs for food or intrudes on me when I am eating, but she will gaze meaningfully at me from her corner of the bed, just in case I wish to offer her something. Lucy is the most elegant pup I’ve ever met. Yet, she is direct, honest and doesn’t hide behind the too common human trait of wallowing ‘between the lines’ of clarity. Even when I leave something unattended within her reach and it is too much for her to resist, her appropriation of the goods is always with such innocent candor that my only worry is that she hasn’t eaten anything she shouldn’t eat. (This has changed the way I eat too, I am more careful now.) Why is it not possible to learn from our best companions some simple honesty?

Us Aspies are not great at tacenda. Our literal, straight forward and concrete cognition functions contrary to abstract systems of inferences, implied but never spoken, and we have difficulty grasping the concept of socially acceptable untruths, half truths, and complex and ephemeral projections of tacenda.

One common thread runs through all the incidents wherein this Aspie Bunny has been taken in by liars and cheats. From the well connected creep placed on a tight budget by his rich family who then used me to feed his habit for expensive meals and material possessions, to the well known musician, self-styled as a guru and teacher, but with a penchant for drink, to the ‘old friend’ KK who is now a director of a family services association in Vancouver, Canada, and then of course, the most recent Miss Louise debacle – a tacit neurotypical social expectation that the victim should remain silent, and even punishes the victim for daring to lay bare the ugly truth.

I think about all the far more severe situations where people who have been abused are shoved into the dark shadows, and denied a voice to the truth because neurotypical society does not like to hear about ugliness, pain and wrongdoing. Society also frowns upon the whistle blowers among us. It is not a very truthful social structure is it?

Well, no wonder animals are the companion of choice for those of us fed up with the dodgy tiresome inferences and spaces between truth that the social order of the majority so prizes.

Food too, for those of us who like to taste and experiment with the chemistry of taste, texture and visuals. It is otherwise most dreary when one is on a tight budget, so why not play a little with one’s food? I have finally finished the whole 1kg pack of Aldi budget bacon. Perhaps time to experiment with turning vegetarian then, at least for the week, until the next pay day, perhaps?


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