ad hominem

A friend and I were discussing popular memes, especially those attached to visual images and posters, and being shared on Facebook. The problem with these things is that they are often inaccurate and engender prejudice, bigotry and/or create smokescreens to mask reality.

The flotsam and jetsam of rabid rantings and bitter accusations of abandonment, “you did nothing for (me, me, me!)”  and myriad frothy whining etc, are merely cover ups, pitiful smoke screens, for the one cold hard fact that Miss L. Convy/Lees/Leislret (or whatever else she calls herself) helped herself to my property and never paid for them. Whatever the excuses and crazed vociferations she and her lackey ‘Juliette’ may toss out – before, during or after the fact – and whatever the current justification may be, the actuality remains, that theft is theft, and a cheat is a cheat.

People use personal attacks when they cannot get what they want. People also use personal compliments to ‘prime’ their targets, in order to get what they want. Humanity is very personal indeed – we operate too much in the emotional-connective dimension. We are simultaneously preoccupied with ourselves, our own feelings, our own worth, and hence how we measure in the esteem of others. Even my own ruminations are about Self, ad hominem. My Self is chewing on the intellectual cud of the confusing sociopathic personalities of Other. At least this time, it is merely a detached logical cogitation, and not the angst riddled agony of a victim of emotional manipulation.

Food, too, is about self. Self satisfaction, pacification, pleasure and survival. However, I do prefer this dimension of Self obsession. Well, there was a large, thick leek stalk in the Thoughtful Foods veggie and fruit box from Thursday. It was looking a little sorry in the fridge, even though I’d wrapped it in paper before placing it in the veggie box. I decided I’d better cook it. I hate wastage, not just because I am on a tight budget, but also because I feel terrible about throwing good stuff away. A different take on a familiar food: leek with bacon (because I need to use that up too), tinned tomato and cheese. Interesting textures and taste blends. The crunchiness of the leek with the soft chewy bacon, the sulfuric smell and pungent taste of leek with sharp tomato, the tomato balancing out the low, heavier notes of bacon, and the cheese providing the extra zingy saltiness with its gooey, viscid texture. Miam! I will finish that after I’ve polished off the second half of last night’s takeaway dinner of stir fried Combination Hor Fun from Mamak Village.


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