bolognese and afflatus

spaghetti bolognese

spaghetti bolognese

The kangaroo mince I ordered for Lucy arrived at last. The Canidae grain free dry food too. In the flurry and stress of the Grand Finale episode with the thieving cheat Miss L, I had failed to order both on time, and for four days, had to feed my baby girl with minced beef from the local grocer. Well, there was still some minced beef left in the fridge, I had a careful sniff at the stuff, and it was still good, but not to my satisfaction for raw feeding. So, I decided to cook it for myself.

I made Spaghetti Bolognese. A simple sauce that goes a long way. Minced beef anything is not a favourite, but Foodie Aspie Bunny does not like to waste. I chopped and sautéd the rest of the super large onion from the Thoughtful Foods veggie box weeks ago, in went the beef, then some tinned tomato, and three small basil leaves, fresh from my balcony. I used up the last half of the packet of spaghetti that had been sitting in the pantry for some time. (Yes, I smelled that first too, I always check my food before I cook and eat.) Three filling meals from this. Not bad at all, Budget Bunny!

Three months of escalating hell living with Miss L and her increasing demands for attention and undivided support took me away from my work. Being separated from my work increased my anxiety and stress levels – my work is also my passion and being able to engage in it is calming, comforting, reviving and invigorating. Not surprisingly, after the initial euphoria of ridding myself of her (despite losing so many of my material things to her thievery, I was absolutely relieved to wash my hands of that flagrant unapologetic ingrate), I became extremely trepidatious about the progress of my work. When an autistic person is faced with building agitation over something of immense import, the effects can be debilitating, to say the least.

It was pouring with rain yesterday, and I was scheduled to meet with my supervisor in the afternoon. I was thinking of leaving Lucy behind at home and just make a quick trip out and back. She must have sensed that, even before I made a move, because she suddenly jumped out of bed, went to the door and stood there resolutely blocking the way. She refused to let me open the door until I put her harness and collar on. My Princess knew I needed her. Now, before you say that’s just a doggy thing, yes, it may well be your doggy thing, but not my Lucy’s thing. She has never done this before. She hates me going out without her, of course, but she always stays in bed or by the bed, looking at me sadly but understanding that I need to leave her. This time was different. She was being assertive about not being left behind.

I am glad she came along. Lucy helped to calm me and take my mind off the intensity of my disquiet and apprehension. She was good on the shuttle bus too, I think she is getting the hang of it.

The meeting with my supervisor, as always, was very fruitful. Everyone needs reassurance some time or other, and better yet from a respected and capable authority, that one is still doing fine along the right path. We also discussed some developing trajectories – no work is static, and a good piece of research keeps growing. I am inspired and re-invigorated again. Tally ho!


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