familiar songs

avocado variation

avocado variation

Avocado for dinner tonight. Inspired by a good friend’s Facebook post – a photo of avocado halves arranged neatly on her kitchen table, awaiting transformation into delicious vegan ice cream! Well, I only have one left from the original duo, so I made a savoury meal. The same old same old theme of anchovy, tomato, onion, olive oil and wasabe. This time, the variation consisted of two slices of lightly toasted bread, cut into strips for easy eating (yes, the ulcers are still a pain) and a dollop of marmalade, for variety of taste and texture.

The autistic brain forms associations easily in some areas, and we do have quite unique ways of perceiving too, but there are areas in which we need to work very hard at and constantly be aware of. These sometimes can be dangerous situations that we fail to pick up on because our brains do not form the appropriate connections between the facts that we may have already observed and shelved or archived in our brains. This is an old familiar song, not confined to one personality alone. Of course, the most recent cartoon character was Miss L and her come-lately sidekick Juliette. However, it is a theme that many autistics, and the more concrete minded, less socially shrewd neurotypicals, are familiar with.

Familiar Songs.

smoke rings

lock stock and barrel
tuneless X’mas carols
bird cage
fool’s rage
cheap grime
teary brine
gushing ordure
verbal manure
papier mâché
florid collé
vulgar plastic
peroxide virus
naïve trust
bomb blast
help yourself
thieving elves

(26 March 2014)

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