I admire persistence. I myself am doggedly persistent. However, when that persistence arises from a deranged desire to harass and beleaguer, it is no longer a positive quality, is it?

Today, the pain levels finally dipped somewhat. It was excruciating to eat, because of the stress triggered autoimmune ulcer flare up that refused to abate. I resorted to grinding the mixed rice and cooking up a quick congee the other day. Even then, I had to resort to liberal slatherings of xylocaine gel. Anyhow, today, I didn’t need to cringe and cry into my food. Hurrah! Small victories are sweet, believe me, and I do owe my survival to sheer persistence, and of course, a huge love for food!

Anyway, after the morning’s adventures, I decided to do something pretty for myself, as a sensory reward. I cooked some sushi rice, thinking I’d make sushi rolls with the remaining cucumber, but I changed my mind and made Hello Kitty rice balls instead. The leftover chicken was yummy, I ate it cold. Simplicity can be ever so kawaii!

Right, now for the not so pleasant news. Yes, the harassment persists alongside. I received yet another rabid rambling email from that woman’s friend, a certain Juliet P. I had never met this other woman before, and I was curious about what she looked like. I had heard Miss L mention this friend a few times before, she also used her PR company’s email address, but I nevertheless did a Google search on her anyway, just to make sure that she is a real person, and not yet another one of Miss L’s many incarnations. The concrete dimension is important to us Aspies. We need a sensory handle in order to properly identify everything.

Well, yes, she is a real person. Wonders of wonders, that a real person with a seemingly decent professional profile would resort to this kind of hysterical activity, on top of helping themselves to other people’s property. My search showed one more similarity between the two. They are both blonde, though the newbie is younger, slimmer and prettier, and they both style themselves as media professionals. I suppose they both like to watch the Batchelorette too? OK, ignore the last one, it is an Aspie joke. Literally. My mind, like most other autistics, is drawn to pattern, schema and structure. I made these observations without insult to either blondes or PR / media people. Another commonality the two women share is the same vehement sense of entitlement.

In all the blame, accusation, vitriol and fanatical stone tossing, one concrete fact resolutely fails to emerge:

None of them have ever mentioned the items they took from me without paying, and of course, there is no money coming my way.

A very new, good sized refrigerator, a sturdy and also very new washing machine, two very good almost new mattresses, a rug (all less than 6months old) as well as designer clothes, jewellery (costume), and God-only-knows what else.

The silence is louder than their screaming.

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