moxie musings

breakfast inspiration

breakfast inspiration

Today’s breakfast was less weird. Avocado, anchovies, chopped red onion and tomatoes, olive oil. That is it. Brain food? Maybe. Whatever the case, this yummy breakfast has indeed set some thoughts in motion.

For me, and most Aspies with a passion for some subject or activity, almost everything in our lives can be constructively linked to our intensely-focused interests. Even the most horrendous experiences, once overcome and dusted off, linger on forever as pieces of analytical and inspirational fodder for my work. Neurotypicals mean well when they insist that we “leave it and move on” – but in so doing, they are actually telling us to deny one of our fundamental special abilities, and that is to ruminate, contemplate, cogitate and develop creative expressions from. It is the actively negative emotional residue that us autistics need to deal with, and not the positive ability to ponder incessantly. The skills to devise strategies for capitalising on strength to mediate vulnerability should be high on the agenda in all the ‘support’ programmes now so abundantly available and with such high price tags too. Not to force a square peg into a round crevice.

Anyhow, after mulling over this thread in the twisted Wagnerian saga, Lucy and I enjoyed a very long walk around campus. The vigour of it was compounded by my getting somewhat lost, but thankfully, it was quite cool and overcast after a brief, heavy shower.

I love our walks, because I not only learn so much from observing my baby girl, but the entire process inspires a great deal of new ideas, developing trajectories to follow up on, and just plain unfettered enjoyment of togetherness.

It suddenly dawned on me this morning (duh?) that apart from helping to lubricate my stiff arthritis prone joints, walking with Lucy has helped me build better lung power! I was able to sing in tune without gasping for air, even while walking uphill! Thank you, Princess LouLouBelle! I call her my “Moxie Minx,” after a friend, Jim, used the description on one of our photographs. Moxie she is, indeed, and being with her brings such contrapuntal joy!

Now back to work, I am brimming over with exciting stuff, ear worms, brain worms and all kinds of delicious wriggly things, all good!


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