happy home

(It’s a non-verbal day for me today. Lucy will be my ‘voice’ for this post, she has a better talent for being positive.)

I love early morning walkies!

I love early morning walkies!

Good morning, everybody! This morning, I met a very kind and gentle old man. He was cleaning the rubbish bins downstairs. His name is Rafael, and I like him very much. Mumma said my bum was doing a boogie as my tail wagged vigorously, and I made Greyhound chattering sounds. All I knew was this man is a good human and I wanted to jump up and kiss and hug him! I don’t do this often, but some humans are special, aren’t they? Mumma must learn from me, she says, because I pick the good ones better than she can! 🙂

I love our new home very much. There’s lots to sniff at, so many places to go walkies in, plenty of green grass and clean pavements, and rats and possums and even kitties too! Mumma is happy that I am happy. Mum even tells me I do good poops these days! She gives me a treat every time I do a poop. I wonder why mum is so bothered about poop?

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But mumma was unhappy last night. I heard her crying in her sleep, so I went to cuddle her. She says I always make everything right again. I am her Angel. (What’s an angel, is it good to eat?) The lady who mumma took in to stay with us at our old home said our home was “a dump” – it made mumma sad. What’s a dump? I am happy anywhere with mumma. But mum said my poop became slushy ever since the lady came to stay. Well, I admit it was pretty scary, because there was always angry noises coming from her.


Actually, I remember that mumma and Uncle Shane worked very hard on our old home, when we first moved in. Me too, I helped heaps with kisses, hugs and my good company, of course! Mumma cleaned, painted and set up the kitchen all by herself!


Uncle Shane washed and scrubbed the bathroom and toilet, and mumma painted it happy. Mumma says yellow is a happy colour! What do you think?

backyardUncle Shane also helped mumma clear out all the big bushy stuff in the garden and mumma made it doggy safe for me.  We had lots of yummy fun in our lovely backyard. Uncle Shane organised a barbecue on mumma’s birthday and decorated it with balloons! Uncle Rick came for weekend mini-barbecues too, and mumma would often eat her lunches outside with me chewing on my giant bully-sticks and of course lots of treats because I am a good girl!

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livingMumma spent lots of time making our old home pretty. She said it’s ok living in an old old house, so long as we kept it clean, tidy and pretty. Me, I am a Princess, of course I like clean, tidy and pretty too! Is this the meaning of “a dump?” Why was mumma so sad, then?

Maybe… because… this happened after the lady moved in…

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Is that what the lady meant by “a dump?” But she made it that way, so why was she complaining then? I thought she liked it? Humans are strange, aren’t they?

Mum says she loved the old house, but I think I like our new home better. I don’t like mumma crying and cleaning every day. I prefer mumma all to myself and isn’t a small clean home better than a large house that made mumma cry all the time?

Anywhere mumma and I can be together is a happy home. I make mumma happy, that’s what she says. That is enough for us, innit?

Hope you have a happy home too!


2 thoughts on “happy home

  1. Oh Lucy Jiejie, don’t fret! My Mummy says that lady who made a mess in your house wasn’t as well brought up as you were, that’s why she still hasn’t learnt her manners and how to keep clean. She also isn’t as smart as you, or nearly as considerate to everyone, that’s why she made your Mumma so upset.
    Anyway now all that is in the past, and you won’t have to put up with that anymore. Mummy showed me pictures of your new place, I love that thing called a ‘balcony’ where you can poke your snout out and watch people going by. PS: congrats on your beautiful poop! Mummy always hugs me and gives me treats when I make nice poop for her also.

    • Thank you, Evan didi. Mumma is ok now, and she says yand your mum are so sweet! Wish us two Greyhounds could meet and do a few zoomies in the fenced park together! The balcony is still strange to me but I now poke my nose out a bit more! mum says that’s good! xoxoxo

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