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Yes, the saga is behind me now. The last communication I sent to the woman was to frankly but gently express my disappointment at her betrayal of my trust and kindness. I did that for myself, not that I expect someone like her to ever pay me any money. Anyhow, I have said what I needed to express to her, as a closure. Time to move on from here. No more toxic personalities in my life, I hope. I have to teach my brain to form the connections henceforth.

Today, my friend Rick came over to Kensington for bruncheon. We are no longer separated by a mere few steps and a street. We are two bus rides away. I shall miss our weekly tête-à-têtes, but life goes on, and good friends stay strong regardless of distance. It was fun regaling him with the nitty gritties of my dramatic experiences. And of course who does not enjoy the opportunity to use properly illustrative language in a conversation? Always quality time with this Rick, I daresay!

Mamak Village was not yet opened, so we shared a pre-bruncheon cupcake at Max Brenner’s, I had a chocolat and he a mocha. We repaired to Mamak Village thereafter, and tucked into a plate of tasty satay chicken and crispy Ayam Berempah – miam!

Rick asked me about the Aspie cry for solitude. I explained that I love being with good friends, and Aspies all do, we love our friends and we value friendships, perhaps even more than neurotypicals do at times. But we also need a lot more solitude than neurotypicals, because it is in our solitude that we repair, repose, compose and become creative. We need solitude as fuel for our very existence, balm for our senses too. So little is understood about autism, really, we have a long way to go to teach the world about an ancient, primal way of being.

Rest is in order this weekend. My body is still protesting loudly at the abuse I have subjected it to lately. Autoimmune fever, ulcers, pain all over and jabbing migraine-like headaches. But I am not complaining. I feel blessed. I have good friends. And I have Lucy.

A clement weekend to all!


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